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Behavioral Science for Development

Unlock the transformative power of behavioral science in international development.

About the Book

Our newest book is a response to practitioners' calls for expert insights on how to apply behavioral science in the development sector. Each chapter is written by experts with decades of experience, and the book delves into specialized areas while offering a broad overview of tools, methodologies, and best practices.

The book takes you on a journey from foundational theories to real-world applications. It provides an overview of the landscape of organizations applying behavioral science in development and tackles the complexities and ethical considerations of influencing behavior. This book is not just a repository of information, but a launchpad for the next wave of innovation in the field.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to behavioral science, this book offers something for everyone. Explore specific chapters that resonate with your work or read it cover-to-cover to get a comprehensive understanding. With its rich case studies, practical advice, and ethical guidelines, "Behavioral Science for Development" is your essential guide to creating more effective, sustainable, and equitable interventions globally.

What People Have to Say

"In 'Behavioral Science for Development' practitioners, policymakers, and researchers will find a bridge between groundbreaking research on behavioral science and practical solutions. This handbook is an essential guide to discovering and learning from behavioral change initiatives that are enhancing lives around the world."

-- Lorena Lévano Gavidia, Behavioral Scientist and GBV Specialist at the Social Sustainability and Inclusion Unit - World Bank

“A fascinating journey through the heart of behavioral science for development, where evidence meets impact.”

-- Chiara Varazzani, Lead Behavioral Scientist - OECD

Contributing Authors

Aayush Agarwal, Allison White, Allison Zelkowitz, Ana Maria Munoz Boudet, Antonieta Castro-Cosío, PhD, Britt Titus, Carlos Scartascini, Carter Timon, Claire Hobden, Cristina Parilli, Daniel Cano, Deborah Martinez, Deqa Aden, Enrique Fatas, Gautam Patel, Hans Frech La Rosa, Jacqueline Devine, Jimena Llopis, Josh Martin, Juan Cruz Loureiro, Kama Garrison, Laura Van Berkel, Laurenz Scheunemann, Luis Artavia-Mora, Mallika Sobti, Mareike Schomerus, Mariel Beasley, Mindy Hernandez, Neela Saldanha, Paulius Yamin, Pavan Mamidi, Sania Ashraf, PhD, Saugato Datta, Stanley Ngugi, Steve Wendel, Sumathy Krishnan, Tahirat Omolara Eniola, Tom Wein, Varun Gauri, Zarak Khan

Building Behavioral Science in an Organization

About the Book

Behavioral science can be applied to a variety of practice areas within an organization via a range of design and measurement tactics. It can influence strategy and design throughout an organization, including product design, marketing, and communications, employee and customer engagement, and strategic decision-making. This book draws on the collective wisdom of applied behavioral scientists with deep experience within their respective practice areas to provide practical guidance on building a behavioral science function that has a meaningful impact on your organization.

Action Design Network in conjunction with UPenn Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences is providing the digital version of this book for free and other versions at cost. As part of the non-profit Action Design Network, Action Design Press shares the mission of making behavioral science more accessible to people.

What People Have to Say

"Many organizations want to leverage behavioral science but struggle to turn insight into impact. This book is an excellent guide for practitioners seeking to build their behavioral science muscle across their organization."

-- Nir Eyal, Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

"They simplify the complexity and uncertainty of this field in a way that provides comfort, assurance and guidance to individuals and organizations building a behavioral science practice. The authors and their partners address the many opportunities and challenges in turn, while laying out strategies for success that apply to the evolving realities of getting the job done."

-- Jeff Kreisler, Managing Director and Head of Behavioral Science - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

"An invaluable resource for anyone interested in getting into the field of applied behavioral science, or applying its findings and methods more intentionally."

-- Aline Holzwarth, Head of Behavioral Science - Pattern Health

“Building Behavioral Science in an Organization is a vital resource for behavioral science practitioners and organizations exploring how to embrace behavioral science. The book is full of case examples, useful anecdotes and discussions of barriers and opportunities for incorporating behavioral science within an organization. The contributing authors are highly sought-after experts in the field and provide excellent guidance that you can bring directly back to your organization.”

-- Christopher Nave, PhD, Managing Director - Penn Master Behavioral & Decision Sciences Program

Contributing Authors

Matt Battersby, Chief Behavioral Scientist at the Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), Kristen Berman, Co-founder and CEO of Irrational Labs, Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer of Maritz, Linnea Gandhi, Founder of BehavioralSight, Nicole Grabel, Principal of Behavioral Science at BehavioralSight, Erik Johnson, Founder of Behavioral Strategies LLC, Meghann Johnson, Principal of Behavioral Science at BehavioralSight and the Director of Behavioral Intervention Design and User Experience at the Texas Behavioral Science and Policy Institute, Zarak Khan, Senior Behavioral Researcher at the Center for Advanced Hindsight, Behavioral Science Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, Rachelle Martino, Partner at BehavioralSight, Laurel Newman, Behavioral Scientist at Edward Jones, Namika Sagara, Co-Founder and Chief Behavioral Officer at Syntoniq, Greg Szwartz, Healthcare Data Science Practice Lead at Deloitte Consulting, Steve Wendel, Head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar, Scott Young, Senior Vice President of the BVA Group